On our way to Cody, WY we stopped in Oklahoma City to visit Eric's mom, sister, and his 2 nephews. We enjoyed getting to spend time with them while we were here.

We stayed at Fountain RV a few nights and it was a nice campground.

On the drive up 35 we saw so much tornado destruction and traffic from on-lookers. It was less than a week ago when the deadly tornados hit Moore, Ok. Then just a few days before we arrived tornados also touched down in El Reno, OK. This really wasn't the best time to visit the OKC area, but we did anyway. There were thunderstorms two nights and we kept a close eye on the weather. Thankfully there were no tornadoes while we were here, but we did check to make sure the campground had a place to go in case of a storm. That's something we hadn't considered before.

One night we went downtown to Bricktown for dinner.
This is a nice area to walk around and hang out. It is set up like the river walk in San Antonio. There are lots of restaurants on the waterway and a shuttle boat ride. It's a great downtown area and even has a ballpark close by. We were so excited when we found our favorite restaurant from back home, Yucatan Taco Stand!

The last day we decided to visit the Capitol building here in Oklahoma City. They have a free guided tour. Eric grew up here in OKC and had never been to the capitol before. So, we were all 4 seeing it for the first time.

Did you know that this is the only US state capitol with a working oil well on its property?

The dome inside was added in 2001. it was in the original plans but had been omitted when it was built In 1914. The whole building was gorgeous and all the ornate painting and details were impressive, but the dome was the most spectacular sight.

There was also an art museum inside the Capitol. Most all the art was from local artist. We enjoyed exploring the art museum and all the art pieces hung throughout the building. Especially Josh, he really has a deep appreciation and interest in art.

The bottom floor of the Capitol had a beautiful Oklahoma State seal made out of marble.

On the second floor there was a hall of Governors.

There is a bronze bust of every man that served as governed in this state.

When we were walking around outside we were pleasantly surprised to find the 10 commandments carved into granite. However, we noticed right away that they were miss represented. The first and second commandments are printed as one commandment. The tenth commandment was broken into 2 separate commandments. This made the ordinal numbers of the commandments to be flawed from the way they are presented in the book of Exodus, although the basic idea was there. Not sure who they hired to chisel this into stone? I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

The boys enjoyed the tour so much that they are now wanting to visit every state's Capitol building. So we are adding that to our growing list of places to visit. After a few days it was time to head out. We have 2 days to get to Cody, WY for the Country Coach Rally.

We planned to leave here and drive through Kansas then spend the night just across the border in Colorado. Luckily we didn't make reservations. Eric passed our planned stop and kept going till we got to Chugwater, WY, where we stopped for the night. They have a very nice rest area there if you happen to be passing through. I'm so glad Eric loves to drive so much!