We are attending the 50th anniversary of FMCA rally ( Family Motor Coach Association). This is a large club for anyone that owns a motor home.

When we arrived, a day early, I was shocked to see all the motor homes everywhere. Luckily, this rally was held at the Gillette Cam-Plex. It was a perfect set-up for this type of event. There were full hook-ups for 1,700 motorhomes and plenty of room for a few thousand more to dry camp. There were over 2,500 families here for the FMCA rally. They estimated over 7000 people attended. It was unbelievable seeing so many coaches in one place. Here is an areal view of the rally. We are parked on the far right,last row, third from the end. We were far away but right by the main road and not much traffic.

We met our good friends and former co-workers, Tony and DeAnn here in the parking lot so that we were able to park together. We really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with them this week.

I forgot to mention the drive to Gilette. We took the scenic bypass through the mountains. There were so many twist and turns along this road.

It was a beautiful drive and worth it for the scenery. Unfortunatly, there were lots of rocks along this route and we got a rock chip on our new windshield! Right after we parked the guys that installed our new windshield in Cody conviently drove by. They stopped to say hi and fixed our rock chip. They were such nice guys and so helpful we had them stay for dinner.

It seemed everywhere we went we ran into someone we had met at the CCI rally. Josh and Gage even ran into another little boy they had befriended at a campground earlier in the week. It really is a small world in the rv community. Jay and Judy,who we met at the CCI rally,invited us and a few others over for a cookout one night. They are such a sweet couple. Jay was so patient with Josh and taught him some grilling skills.

There were so many different seminars every day it was hard to choose which one to go to. The seminars were about every kind of coach maintenance you could imagine, craft classes, geocaching, iPhone instructions, photography, blogging, space saving ideas, cleaning, destinations and tours, and Mac the Fire Guy was here too. While the adults were in seminars the kids went to a kids club. They had so much fun hanging out with the other kids. They even had field trips to go skating and bowling. But best of all they had Legos and Games. Josh and Gage both really enjoyed making new friends and having time in the kids club.

The main area had tons of vendors set up. We had fun checking everything out. We are now members of SkyMed, Harvest Host and have a Golfing membership that is for country clubs nation wide. We also have lots of coupons to try out new campgrounds, and more pens, tote bags, samples and free knick-knacks than we know what to do with.

One of the days Country Coach reserved a room for a little get together for all the CCI members and we got to meet some more Country Coach owners that weren't at the Cody rally. We had a great time.

On our last night here the weather got bad and it hailed for quite a while. Fortunately it was only about pea sized and it didn't do any damage. Here is a picture Gage took of the hail pilling up on the jeep. It really was a lot of hail.

The thunderstorms created a lot of mud and this was a big problem for lots of motor homes that were parked in the open fields. We were on solid ground and didn't hae any problems but we saw quite a few tow trucks pulling others out.
Overall it was a wonderful experience and we plan to attend more FMCA rallys in the future!