We had a wonderful time in Cody, WY at the CCI (Country Coach International) rally. A CCI rally is a little 4 day get together for Country Coach owners. We met lots of wonderful people that own the same brand motorhome as us. This was so helpful to talk to other owners for tips, trouble shooting problems, and learning more about our coach. We also got to enjoy the company of some great new friends.

Although we were the only ones with kids, the boys had a lot of fun. They really enjoyed all the attention and got so many compliments on their behavior and lots of hugs. Most everyone here kind of adopted them as grandchildren this week. One couple took them out for ice cream, another bought them souvenir pins from Cody, and another gave them Arkansas Razorback buttons. It was great having so many new pseudo grandparents around since they miss their own grandparents.

All the food for this event was delivered from a local restaurant and it was delicious. The boys got to help serve it a few nights. They loved getting to do that. They both felt so important and special serving plus they enjoyed all the compliments.

One of the days there was a pet show. The boys entered their stuffed animals since that's the only kind of pets we have. They won prizes for all 4 of their “pets”!

I celebrated my birthday while we were here. This was the biggest cake I've ever had, but I did get to share it with a fellow CCI member who also had a birthday this week.

There were crafting activities for the ladies while the men learned about motors, generators, tires and other guy stuff. We got wine glasses and etched the CCI logo into the glass and decorated serving spoons with glass beads and wire.

I wish I had taken more pictures this week, we were just too busy having fun!

There was a fire safety class and we all got to climb out of a small emergency exit window in a coach. Mac the Fire Guy did an awesome demonstration of how to use fire extinguishers. We also learned that we should check our emergency exit windows often. Since we had never tried to open ours before we went home and tried them. Guess what they were stuck shut!! Our coach is 5 years old and we are guessing the emergency exits had never been opened. We had the on site Country Coach service techs check them out the next day. After 20-30 min he got them open and silicones the seals so they open much faster now. So glad we went to the fire safety seminar Now if we have a fire we can get out quickly! So if you have any kind of RV you might want to check and practice you emergency exit routine.

Our windshield had a large crack all the way down it from a little rock that we got a few weeks ago when we were leaving Florida. There was a rv glass company here that specialises in Country Coaches. So, during this rally we got our windshield replaced. Wow that was crazy! I didn't really think about how big that piece of glass was till I saw them replace it.

The Country Coach service tech spent a lot of time with Eric answering all his questions and explaining the ins and out of how the coach's systems work. This service tech was a wealth of knowledge since he use to work at the factory and actually built Country Coaches. Eric thinks the whole rally was worth it just for all the knowledge he gained about our coach.

On the last night they had a charity auction. We donated lots to the Paralyzed Veterans that night!! 🙂 Kathy, the rally coordinator gave everyone their own bidding number. Yes, even the boys! So the boys both put their numbers to work. Gage was the worst he kept raising the bids and then luckily got someone else to bail him out at the last minute. One sweet couple even out bid Gage then gave him the item he was bidding on. Everyone had a great time and they all enjoyed the atmosphere the boys added and the Veterans will enjoy the extra funds the boys helped generate.

It was lots of fun and we are looking forward to the next CCI rally!

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