Wow….the drive from Cody to the East gate of Yellowstone is beautiful!Drive into East Gate of Yellowstone

There are awesome mountain with unbelievable rock formations forming sculptures all along the drive with a winding river following along the right side of the road.DSC_0406

Naturally Sculptured rockesDSC_0398DSC_0422DSC_0413

Right after entering Yellowstone we saw Bison and excitedly took pictures. Then throughout the day we saw hundreds of Bison some even just feet from the jeep!

We were constantly on the lookout for any kind of wildlife. Josh and Eric are both gifted with an eagle eye and spotted most of the animals before Gage and I. We saw Big Horned Sheep on the side of mountains and they even kicked some rocks down by us.

DSC_0445  DSC_0894

We saw a cute little chipmunk up close,


lots of geese, squirrels, beautiful birds, deer and mule deer,

but the most exciting was a black bear that we saw swim across the river then climb out and cross the street right in front of us! That was the highlight of the day!

We drove from the east gate of Yellowstone to the Fishing Bridge Visitors Center. We heard a Ranger talk about the dangers of wildlife roaming free and how important it was to always lookout for bear, even just walking from your car in the parking lot. The boys got their JR Ranger books here and began learning about Yellowstone right away.

From here we drove to the north and explored LeHardys Rapids on the Yellowstone River. We saw lots of trout swimming upstream to spawn. This was an amazing sight!

Next we stopped at the Mud Volcanos in Hayden Valley. The Mudpots, fumaroles and hot springs were all steaming up like smoke coming from fires. It was an eerie sight with a sulphuric smell.

You could hear and see the mud puddles boiling and bubbling all along the boardwalk.

Boiling, bubbling Mud!
Rainbow over the mud volcanos
One of many waterfalls

The ground here is thin and so unstable you had to stay on the boardwalk or risk falling into boiling sulfuric acid with a ph almost like battery acid. We saw a thick metal grate over a storm drain that had been eaten away by the hot acid.

WoooHoooo! It was a fun day!

It began snowing as we traveled a little farther north to the Canyon Village visitors center. We watched an educational movie about the park in the movie theater at the visitors center. The snow was really coming down hard and it was getting cold so we had a quick dinner and began the trip back home. Yellowstone is a great place to visit!

We had so much fun!DSC_0459