May 28-31 Lake Ray Roberts State Park

Camp site #87 was a nice pull through site with the lake right across the street. The campground itself was not too crowded, but the common area and beach were packed. This was Memorial Day weekend, so apparently a lot of locals come out for the day to enjoy the beach area on this lake. The beach area was very nice and an easy bike ride from our campsite. We avoided the crowded beach and road bikes. We found some nice playgrounds and the boys had a great time. The next day the beach was basically deserted and very enjoyable. The boys had a blast finding treasures left over from the holiday crowd. The weather got bad in the evening and we had no idea how bad since our phones and internet weren’t working. Besides having no reception on our Sprint phones we had no TV since we had not gotten the Direct TV satellite connected in the RV yet. Also, we were using my phone as our wifi hotspot.  After the boys went to sleep the thunderstorms got really bad! There were a few families camping together in tents near by. We watched as there tents began to literally blow away. We began to wonder if there was a tornado warning??? What would we do if there was??? Where would we go?? Should we wake the boys and drive somewhere till we got phone service so we could checkout how intense the storms really were???  Then it began to Hail!!!  Wow was it loud! It sounded like wew were in the middle of a firing range with automatic weapons. Have you ever been in an RV during a hail Storm? I can’t even tell you how loud it was but it was a sound we will never forget, and believe it or not, the boys slept right through it and never heard a thing! We decided to just stay put figuring that running to the Jeep during a hail storm might be more dangerous than waiting out the storm and hoping there was no tornatic activity in the area. Our lives were in Gods hands at this point, so we just prayed for his protection. Eric and I didn’t get much sleep that night but the boys were both well rested. After another nice day of swimming and bike riding we noticed the weather beginning to turn bad again just before bedtime. Again the boys slept peacefully while the thunderstorm, strong winds and again more HAIL kept Eric and I awake most of the night. It sounded so bad and was so loud beating down on our new home, we were sure it was going to leave its marks. But the next morning we examined the Jeep and the Coach and we could not see any hail damage! Wow!!! As loud as it was I couldn’t believe it didn’t leave a mark! Thank You Jesus for your protection. We decided we need a weather radio and maybe a backup phone service or some kind of wifi hotspot that was with a different company that the phone.  We made it through the weekend, despite the storms we had a great time. This is a great State Park and we will come back again one day. I still can’t believe Josh and Gage sleep so soundly!