May 20-23

Our second trip, and we now have a jeep to tow behind the RV. We are planning to take a lot of short trips to prepare us for full-timing and to use up all Eric’s vacation leave before he retires.

Lake Whitney was a beautiful park also. The sites were a good size. We road bikes around the campground and by the lake. We spent time swimming in the lake. The water was still a little cold but bearable. The lake was full of large rocks and we found lots of fossils.

Since there was no sandy beach area, the boys built rock castles and had a blast designing rock sculptures and rock cities.

This is a great campground, especially if you like fossils. It was amazing how many fossils we saw at the edge of the lake. The lake water was clear due to the rock bottom.

On a one to ten scale we would give this place an 8.