We rented a storage garage in Keller since we can’t park this big rig at our house. We did not think about plugging it in while it was in storage. So when we went to pick it up, the house batteries were drained. There was not enough electricity to operate the slides. We decided after driving they would recharge, so off we went. But once we got there we discovered the batteries were still too low to function properly. We are not off to a good start. Wondering….Should we be doing this? Will it get easier? Will we ever figure all this RV stuff out? What are we doing wrong?


Eric carefully backed this huge 45 foot rig into a tiny spot on the campground. Glad I didn’t have to do this, it took a few tries before he got it just right. It really was a tight fit, but he did it. Once we got all hooked up to electricity everything was fine. This took some time to get all set up.  Let’s hope this gets easier and quicker with experience!


We have some dear friends, the Coppocks that live close by. They came to visit and brought dinner. This was also Josh’s 10th birthday so we celebrated with a cookie cake. It turned out to be a great day!


This is an awesome campground. If you ever get a chance we highly recommend it. It is about an hour south of Fort Worth and a great place for exploring, hiking, biking and swimming. There are lots of Dinosaur tracks that can be seen in the river. The water was still a little cold, but we still got in. You can see the dinosaur feet prints from the edge of the river and some are back through the woods. There are great hiking trails all over this park. The trails were beautiful and had shallow streams and lots of shade. Some of the trails are a little steep but you get a good workout.


On a scale of 1-10 we’d give it a 9.5 Just wish the campsites were a little bit bigger, but overall a great park and a wonderful Maiden Voyage for us!


While returning the RV to the storage building Eric made a tight right turn and the remote for the blinds fell and the button for the windshield blind got pushed. The front blind began to close blocking his view. I was not in the RV since I was following behind in our Yukon. (we haven’t gotten a tow vehicle yet) Eric was shouting at Josh to open the blind. Eric was in the middle of turning onto a narrow road with on coming traffic. The dash is so big that the blinds for the windshield were out of reach from his position behind the steering wheel.  Josh couldn’t figure out how to work the remote. Luckily,  Gage came to the rescue and found the button to open the blinds back up. Another lesson learned—*Don’t leave the universal remote, that controls the blinds, sitting out while driving.