April 10th I saw an ad on Craigslist for a 2008 Country Coach. It looks nice but I didn’t know anything about Country Coaches. After Eric sees the ad, all the pictures and the unbelievable price he calls right away to see if we can look at it tomorrow.

April 11th We drove to Lewisville to see the Country Coach. It had everything that Eric was looking for…you know all the things guys like. Certain kind of chassis, the right axle with a tag (extra wheels in the back), the perfect engine and generator, aqua hot, 4 slides, etc…..

And it had everything I liked…. lots of storage, neutral colors, large shower, full size fridge, washer and dryer, heated tile floors, table and chairs instead of a booth, leather seats and couch, large windows and even had touches of my favorite interior colors, (cranberry and brown). It also met my other 2 requirements of pet free and smoke free owners. (I know I may not be very popular with the non-pet thing but, I’ve just never liked dogs and would rather not have a home that smells like one.) It also has a couch that folds into a really comfy bed very easily for the boys.  All this and the boys loved it too! Since this is the first RV that we all 4 LOVED….We bought it!  Yep,  just like that, we knew right when we saw it that it was the perfect home for us.  We still had our trip planned to buy one in Florida, but by chance I mentioned it to some friends and they eagerly went in our place so we didn’t loose our deposit.  So we felt God had answered all our prayers and feel like we have his blessings in everything leading up to our great lifestyle change. He even took care of all the little details. God is so awesome!

Now that we have the RV and Eric still has scheduled time off work we felt the urge to try out the RV on a maiden voyage. Time to break it in!