Wow what a blessing we got a contract right away on our house and they are asking us to lease it back from them for a month after closing. It couldn’t get any more ideal than this. Now we will have an extra month to sell all our possessions and to find our next home on wheels.
April 6th Closing Day, we signed the final papers on our house. Now we have the money in hand to buy the perfect RV for the next chapter of our lives. We have looked all over the internet for the last 2 years, gone to most all of the RV dealers in Texas and we have shopped lots of RV shows, but we still have not found an RV that we all 4 like. After all our looking we have decided our best chances of finding the perfect RV would be a trip to Florida, “the snowbird capitol”. We have a week long trip planned to find the perfect RV in Florida. There has to be one out there that we all like! We are leaving Friday the 13th and hopefully if all goes well we will be driving back in our new home on April 20th!